I got a question, what should I do?

1) You can find answer of the mostfrequently asked questions in this FAQ.

2) If you question can’t be solved inthis FAQ, contact GM on Facebook.

You can find GM by PM on HolyKnight Facebook. List your question in the following format, itwould help you get a faster reply.

1) server: s1 arthur

2) IGN (in-game name): GiGi

3) question: recharge but not receivegems



Recommended Lowest Hardware Configuration. 1

>>>Troubleshooting. 1

I cannot find my character, what should I do?. 1

Can I use multiple accounts on one device?. 2

The game is so lag, what should I do?. 2

I got disconnected in game, what should I do?. 2

I forgot my password, how to get it back?. 2

I forget my Account. How to get it back?. 3

Why I can't speak in chat?. 3

I was stuck in field, what can I do?. 3

>>>Recharge/GAMEPLAY.. 3

How to top up?. 3

What’s Pink Gem? Where can I get them?. 3

What is a Monthly Card?. 4

Can I delete my character?. 4

How to change my name in game?. 4

When can I claim free SP?. 4

Where can I get a newbie gift pack and redeem in game?. 5

When do dungeon counts reset? When do ranks calculate?. 5

When does Black Mart refresh?. 5

How to get Star Soul?. 5

How to get a Guild Medal?. 5

How to get Guild Fund?. 5

When does Pal system open?. 5

How to get a pal?. 5

How to get pal gear?. 6

Where can I get a fashion/wings?. 6

Where can I get a Star Stone?. 6

Where can I get a Sword Soul for Break?. 6

Recommended Lowest HardwareConfiguration


CPU Frequency: 1.4G Hz DUO CORE


Storage: 700M

Screen Resolution: 960X640 or above

System: Android 4.0 or above


Device: iphone 5 or above, ipad 2 orabove, ipad mini2 or above

System: IOS 7.0 or above


I cannot find my character, whatshould I do?

Normally an account data on our serverwill not be deleted.

1) Make sure you log in with the sameaccount like before.

2) Make sure to log in the same serverlike before.

Can I use multiple accounts on onedevice?

You can switch account on login page forusing different accounts. If you want to switch accounts in game, tapSetting->Switch account to enter login page.

The game is so lag, what should Ido?

You can try the following ways to ensurefluency in game.

1) Enable Power-saving mode on yourdevice.

2) Wipe cache , refresh network orswitch network and try to login again.

3) Reduce players shown on screen onSetting in game.

4restart thedevice and login again.

I got disconnected in game, whatshould I do?

This is caused by a instability network,change a better network or set your wifi DNS to a google DNS may fix theproblem. You can connect a Hong Kong VPN or other VPN. Contact GM in pm if needdetailed instruction.

I forgot my password, how to getit back?

Two ways to get it back:

1) FB/Google Account > Use yourFB/Google Account password.

2) 4399en >enter a wrong password>Display "Invalid User Name or Password" >click the RetrievePassword.

I forget my Account. How to get itback?

Please contact GM in pm. Provide us theserver and role name of a character under this account.

Why I can't speak in chat?

Give Microphone authorization to thegame in setting, it will fix your problem.

I was stuck in field, what can Ido?

1) Contact GM to solve it

2) When tonight's world boss starts, itwill prompt a notice about the world boss, click the prompt to enter, afterfinishing the events, you will be OK.


How to top up?

Check the following instruction for topup.

1) For android players:

2) For IOS players:

What’s Pink Gem? Where can I getthem?

Pink Gem is one kind of currency ingame. You can purchase most of items with it.

1) Battle Power Contest. This isinitiated when you are online (3 times a day at most). You can get 25 Pink gemsif you win the contest.

2) Check Daily Signin, Level Reward,Achievement in Welfare. You can claim free Pink Gems in these tasks.

3) Top up Blue Gems. The 1st time top upwill have abundant Pink Gems Gift.

What is a Monthly Card?

You can buy a Monthly Card 1/month. It’sthe 300 Blue Gems (1500 Pink Gems Rebate) on the top up page.

300 blue gems will be sent to youraccount directly, 50 pink gems, 120 SP are sent every day for a month (1500Pink Gems in total for 30 days). You can claim these in the Subline Task namedPurchase Monthly Card.

Can I delete my character?

Character cannot be deleted. Ourintention of this setting is avoid loss if player’s account get hacked. Hopeyou can understand.

How to change my name in game?

Go to Store-Daily, Buy a Rename Scrollfor 499 gems. Use this item to change your name.

When can I claim free SP?

You can claim 60 SP twice a day. During12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 (GMT+8). If you fail claiming, change your phonetime zone to GMT+8 (Beijing time).

Where can I get a newbie gift packand redeem in game?

You can get a gift on ,and redeem on Welfare-Giftpack in game. Make sure you have 1 space in packbefore redeem. 1 player can only redeem 1 newbie gift pack in game.

When do dungeon counts reset? Whendo ranks calculate?

Dungeon counts and ranks reset andcalculate at 4:00 (GMT+8) every day.

When does Black Mart refresh?

The items in Black Mart refreshes at9:00, 12:00, 18:00 and 21:00 for free. Players can refresh it using RefreshOrder or Pink Gems.

How to get Star Soul?

The star you achieve in Dungeons willtransferred into Star Soul.

How to get a Guild Medal?

Kill Guild Boss or draw cards inFortune.

How to get Guild Fund?

Draw cards in Guild-Fortune.

When does Pal system open?

When you reach lv.32 and finish mainlinetask.

How to get a pal?

1) Join Autoplay

2) Pray-Artifact: chance to get perfectpal

How to get pal gear?

You can get it in Autoplay.

Where can I get a fashion/wings?

For Free Fashion: You can get a freefashion for free in 7-day Login. Remember to renew when it expires if you stillwant it.

For other: You can get it inStore-Fashion, or when you become VIP.

Where can I get a Star Stone?

You can get it from Infinite Tower, BossTransform or Exchange.

Where can I get a Sword Soul forBreak?

Get it in Infinite Tower.

Redeem in Guild Store.

Buy in Exchange.

Background Story

King Arthur and the Knights of Round Table areno stranger to us in our childhood stories. It’s been every child’s dream to become a hero. Holy Knight brings this childhood dream to our fingertip, at the mobile.


The story starts as the Demon Dragon arisesand looms over the Kingdom while evil livings began to shatter blood over theland. The revenant of King Arthur thus summoned the power of Holy Knights to save the people and recover the land. Players will fight evil monsters, sharpen their weapon till becoming a qualified Holy Knight.


Draw the sword and join the fight! It’s your war and your history to be written!

Warrior Introduction

Warrior: Nightmare for Enermies

Warrior, as a handsome and energetic character, features powerful attack. In legend he has promised to be loyal to King Arthur.

Warrior Introduction.png

Warrior is specialized in breaking through. The most obvious feature for him is assault. Warrior possesses various breakthrough ways and many countering skills.

A warrior who have rushed into enemies is a nightmare. The closer warrior comes, the more combos he would hit, and the higher damage he could deal. In this sense, a warrior is unbeatable in close combat. However, warrior moves slowly and has not high attack ability distinctly. When using a warrior, the first thing is to get close to the enemies and control them. Take full use of high HP and strong defense to strike down opponents in a short time.

Stories of Characters


On the vast snowfield the West Land live the peaceful Mage family. They are dessert-1024-500.jpglovers and every Mage has mastered the power of ice and snow. When the war spreads to West Land, they decide to defend their land with magic power.

With AOE attacks and crowd control skills, this class is a powerful helper in PVE!


Assassins are shadow in the dark. They reap life without a sound. The red scarf he wear is the symbol of blood lust. He has the air of devil but when the war comes, he decides to sentence death to those who deserve.

Assassin is quick and flexible, coming and going freely in a battle. Better watch out this class when it comes to 1V1!


Warriors are trained for war. They always charge at the front of the army and sway swords in close distance. They are loyal knights to King Arthur and have made the oath to become the Holy Knight!

With strong defense and attack attributes, the warrior is a nightmare when he comes close to you!

Assassin Introduction

Assassin of Holy Knight, a mobility killer. Killing enemies rapidly and quietly with his flexibility.

I think Assassin will be very popular among players for his cold and cool appearance.

For his flash attack and amazing damage, Assassin is considered as a high dps with lots combos, this feature makes Assassin a horrible component against enemies.


Skills of Assassin

1. Hell Lotus: 5 straight hits likethunder, and last hit foe into air.

2. Whirl Moon: Toss out a WhirlingMoon, high-speed rotating blades can rip and split foes around.

3. Demon Breakup: Remove in vivoconstraint to destroy foes around with raging magic.

4. Arc Pounce: Rush forward asghost with deadly strike in shining moon arc.

5. Immortal Dance: Fly into the skyand crash into the earth like a falling star.

6. Lurking: Assassin Sorcery,remove Spasticity, Stun, Freezing effects, instant Hide track, beyond foe probe;boost EVA in short time.

7. Killing Feast: Avatar of Shura,killing front foes quickly and massively.

8. Refined Poison: Poison weapon,attack in 6s for extra Poison Effect

9. Enchanted Blow: Unique Skill.Dash forward in top speed, kill foes with power of Demon God.

Seeing from the Assassin’s skill effects, we can learn that Assassin is a strong profession combined rush attack and assassination. Not only can he remote attacks but alsobe able to flash to the front of enemies, to output tons of damages. Well, everyone has his weakness, Assassin is afraid of being controlled. Assassin canhardly damage once being controlled, he’ll be killed within seconds for his crispy body while being controlled. However, good player can evade controlling by moves and skills, then creates tons of damages.